Preparation Course:
How to start coding

YOU WANT TO WORK IN THE BIG DATA BUSINESS but don't have any experience? No Problem! OUR preparation COURSE "HOW TO START coding" OFFERS THE IDEAL INTRODUCTION.
Our preparation course "How to start coding" covers different topics in mathematics and statistics that hold the basic foundation for a Data Science aspirant, along with an introduction to start coding in Python.

In this online certificate course, you will learn ...

Preparation course:
How to start coding

Duration, content, temporal conception​

Preparation course fulltime

Duration: 2 weeks
Monday – Friday: 9 am – 6 pm (GMT)
Learning units: 90 learning units in total*

*1 LU = 45 min

Preparation Course
24 (parttime course)
28 (fulltime course)
Basic Algebra
  • variables, coefficients, linear equations, functions
  • scalars, vectors
  • dot product, cross product
  • matrix multiplication
  • Exercises
Important mathematical functions
  • linear, exponential,
  • logarithmic and plots
  • derivatives and limits, derivative rules, chain rule
  • gradient or slope
  • partial derivatives
  • local/global minima
  • Exercises
  • Area under the curve
  • Exercises
24 (parttime course)
28 (fulltime course)
Data distributions
  • Gaussian, Binomial & Poisson
  • Exercisess
  • Random variables: discrete & continuous
  • Exercises
Descriptive statistics
  • Estimates of Location: Mean, median, mode etc..
  • Correlation and covariance
  • Estimates of variability
  • Exercises (using Excel – 1 day)
Important theorems
  • Law of large numbers and Central limit theorem
Introduction to Python
16 (parttime course)
34 (fulltime course)
  • Why Python
  • Jupyter notebook
  • Python as calculators
  • Data types and operators
  • Strings: Concatenation, Methods, and input()
  • Strings and Their Methods
  • Python Structures
  • Executing Python – Programs
  • Extending Python, Files, Errors, and Graphs
  • Exercises
Sum of LUs (parttime course)
Sum of LUs (fulltime course)

More about the course

Junge asiatische Frau beim Coding

Anyone who is a newcomer or a professional having the aspiration to work in the field of Data Science with a basic high school level subjects and are willing to learn more.

Seminar Trainer: Haritha Retnakaran

• Greenbootcamps certificate
• Highly qualified trainer/coach and expert/expert from practice
• Sustainable and flexible knowledge transfer: know-how is acquired at the workplace or in the home office
• Up-to-date content and direct practicability
• Discussion of individual questions of the participants
• Interactive exchange in the seminar group

Lecture, presentation, paper based on case studies. Discussion and analysis of individual questions of the participants.

To participate in the online seminar, participants need a computer or mobile device with a stable internet connection, headphones and microphone or a headset for audio transmission. Alternatively, you can also dial in by phone.

The online seminar will be conducted with Microsoft Teams. You will receive further details and access data for the online seminar in the immediate run-up to the training in a separate e-mail from our event management.

Please note that the booking only entitles the persons listed in the registration to participate in the online seminar.


Once you click apply, our admissions team will contact you to arrange a call to answer your questions and explain our application process. if you have any questions feel free to contact us.

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