Unlocking the Data Future: Marie’s Journey at Greenbootcamps

Marie-Charlotte Matthes Data Analytics GreenbootcampsIn today’s ever-changing world of data science, Marie’s journey reflects the impact of learning new skills and adapting to the data-driven landscape. Her choice to pursue data science wasn’t just about changing careers; it was a deliberate reaction to the increasing significance of data-driven decision-making in modern IT companies.

Interview with Marie about her training as a Data Analyst

Q1: What inspired your shift to data science, and how’s your experience in the bootcamp shaping that transition? 

Marie: My shift to data science was inspired by witnessing the growing importance of data-driven decision-making in IT-based companies. I noticed companies gaining competitive advantages by acquiring and leveraging data. Recognizing this trend, I wanted to contribute to this transformative approach. 

I believe data analytic skills are essential not only in data-specific roles but also across various business domains, including my previous role as a project manager. Understanding and working with data enables insights into market dynamics, customer behavior, and predictive analytics, essential for success. Rather than changing fields, I want to apply for similar positions with a more future-oriented skill set.


Q2: As a current participant, what specific aspect of the bootcamp do you find most impactful or challenging?

Marie: As a current participant, the aspect of the Bootcamp that I find most impactful is the opportunity to learn essential tools for building a strong foundation in data analytics and IT roles. Learning Python, along with tools like VS Code, Git, and Kaggle, equips me with valuable skills that I can showcase on my resume and apply in real-world scenarios. 

Additionally, I find the emphasis on teamwork highly beneficial. Working in newly formed teams every other week allows us to discover each participant’s personal experiences, fostering collaborative skills essential for success in the workplace. 

I appreciate how well paced the classes are, which are conducted in-person with instructors. Having access to instructors for questions throughout the daily sessions, rather than solely relying on pre-recorded material, helps to establish a productive learning environment and reinforces a structured approach to our daily work.


Q3: Looking ahead in the bootcamp, what are your expectations, and how do you plan to apply your learnings in data science?

Marie: My expectations for the next weeks of this bootcamp are to learn more about tools and technologies fundamental for the work as a data analyst. I’m excited about upcoming topics such as Power BI and Tableau, as I believe knowledge on these tools will be very valuable in practical applications. 

As for applying my learnings in data science, I plan to focus on seeking out roles or positions where data analytic skills are valued. With the knowledge and skills gained in this bootcamp, I aim to contribute in roles that require or can be elevated by data analysis and decision-making based on insights derived from data.


Your data future awaits with Greenbootcamps

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