About Greenbootcamps

About Greenbootcamps

Our vision

We founded Greenbootcamps with the intention of solving the skills shortage in the big data and business intelligence industry. By imparting knowledge in the areas of data analytics, data science and data engineering, we give everyone seeking education access to a secure professional future.

We build the bridge between the shortage of skilled workers and highly qualified graduates

The digitalization of the world of work is the key to mastering the challenges of the shortage of skilled workers. In many developed countries there is a need for highly qualified specialists, while in other parts of the world talented graduates are left without suitable jobs. We strive to eliminate this imbalance through our wide range of training courses. We bring existing expertise to the right places and promote the development of new specialist business intelligence skills to meet the demands of the digital era.

Sustainability in focus: Green IT is becoming increasingly important

Sustainability is crucial to us. We are committed to providing resources that meet the needs of both the current generation and the needs of future generations. In our training, we place an additional focus on Green IT and train participants to become certified sustainability officers. In doing so, we help promote sustainable development in the big data and business intelligence industry.

Participation in the boot camps is possible from anywhere

We attach great importance to the needs of our participants. Our goal is to create a work environment in which everyone can balance their personal needs in their private and continuing education lives. Of course there must be fixed seminar times. However, through a hybrid learning system, we give you the opportunity to take part in our boot camps from anywhere. Our trainers support the participants throughout the entire training and support them as much as possible in their individual strengths. The number of participants is limited to a small group to ensure the learning success of each individual.

Diversity and Inclusion: We are open to all talents

We value diversity and welcome applications from all over the world. Regardless of gender, nationality, ethnic and social origin, religion and belief, disability, age, sexual orientation and identity, we promote equal opportunities and openness for all talents. We welcome everyone who is interested in big data, business intelligence and a sustainable future in the field of IT.

Julia Nadolny and Thorsten Leich

– Founders of Greenbootcamps –

The Founders

Thorsten Leich
Thorsten Leich
CEO, Strategist, Visionary


Thorsten Leich has 32 years of experience in education.

Through his studies in industrial engineering, his many years of work as a trainer and the founder and managing director of several further training institutions, TL has extensive expertise in the development and implementation of training and further education programs.

GBC was founded to contribute its expert knowledge to the rapidly growing and highly topical area of AI/BI and sustainability in IT and to offer modern, job market-oriented training programs.

Networking with stakeholders in Europe and Africa through cooperation with employers, NGOs, chambers of industry and foreign trade, language institutes and consulting companies.

Portrait Julia GBC
Julia Nadolny
Digital Transformation, Online Marketing Strategy, Business Development


Julia Nadolny has 15 years of experience in digital communication. Thanks to her many years of work as an online editor and digital expert, as well as advising and training companies, as well as founding expertise in several communication platforms, Julia has extensive technical and specialist knowledge in the development and implementation of digital communication strategies.

Greenbootcamps was founded to bring their expert knowledge into the rapidly growing and highly topical area of data analysis and IT sustainability and to develop innovative, market-oriented educational programs.

Julia brings with her an extensive network from her professional career that supports Greenbootcamps and their goals. Their experiences and connections to diverse industries and institutions enable the company to benefit from a wide range of perspectives and expertise, further increasing the relevance and effectiveness of the educational programs offered

Portrait Haritha Retnakaran
Haritha Retnakaran
Data Science Trainer & Trainer-Organisation
Kai von Bülow
Kai von Bülow
Acquisition of interested parties and educational advice
Estella Rörig
Estella Rörig
Back office | Preparation Accounting | Kursnet

Our Team

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