Applying for an education voucher: The fastest way to get your free continuing education

Get up to 100% of the costs subsidized through an education voucher!

What is an education voucher?

Are you looking for work or threatened by unemployment and have heard about the possibility of financing further education with the help of an education voucher? We’ll tell you what an education voucher is, what requirements you have to meet and how you can apply for it.

An education voucher is a funding instrument from the German Federal Employment Agency and the job centers that covers the costs of continuing vocational training. It is intended to help people who are looking for work or are threatened by unemployment to improve their chances on the job market.

If you are unemployed or threatened by unemployment, you can - if you have a German residence permit - get up to 100% of the costs subsidized through an education voucher (Bildungsgutschein).

This is issued by the employment agency or the job center, the pension insurance, the European Social Fund (ESF) or the vocational advancement service of the German Armed Forces (SVG). If you are on short-time work, have a fixed-term contract or are threatened with losing your job, you will also receive full pay.
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3 steps to the education voucher
In our guide you will find out how you can easily apply for an education voucher to be able to book one of our further education courses free of charge.

Requirements for the education voucher

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To receive an education voucher, you must meet several requirements.

Please note that there may be other specific requirements, depending on your personal situation and the guidelines of your job center or employment agency. It is always a good idea to make an appointment with a person from the counseling center to discuss your individual situation and make sure you meet all the necessary requirements.

How do you apply for an education voucher?

You apply for an education voucher at your local employment agency or job center. You must make an appointment with a person from the counseling center and discuss the necessity and the selection of further education there.

Applying for an education voucher is a clear and straightforward process that requires only a few steps:

1. Counseling interview

First, you need to make an appointment at your local employment agency or job center. At this meeting, the need for and selection of continuing education will be discussed.

2. Course selection

Before or after your counseling interview, you select a suitable AZAV-certified course or continuing education. It is helpful if you already have an idea of what type of continuing education you would like to complete and bring some options to discuss during your counseling session.

3. Application

After the need for further education has been determined and a suitable further education has been selected, your counselor will submit the application for the education voucher.

4. Approval

If your application is approved, you will receive the education voucher. This covers the costs of the training and can be forwarded directly to the training provider.

5. Enrollment

As soon as you have received your education voucher, you can enroll in the continuing education program of your choice and submit your education voucher there.

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If you have any questions about our sponsored continuing education courses and whether this is right for you, you can schedule a no-obligation consultation with our support team right now. We will also be happy to help you apply for your education voucher in order to book one of our subsidized courses:

How do you find the right continuing education program for your education voucher?

Funding options - education voucher

On our website we offer various Data Science Bootcamps, including Data Analyst, Data Scientist and Data Engineer. All of our courses are AZAV-certified and can be financed with an education voucher.

Your checklist for applying for the education voucher

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Duration of the application process

The duration of the application process varies and depends on several factors, including your individual situation and the workload of your employment agency or job center. It is always a good idea to start the process as early as possible to ensure that you receive your education voucher on time.

What happens if my application is rejected?

If your application for an education voucher is rejected, you have the right to appeal the decision. To do so, contact your employment agency or job center and find out about the exact process.

Retroactive use of the education voucher

The education voucher cannot be used retroactively for courses or continuing education that have already begun. You must apply for and receive approval for the voucher before you begin your continuing education.

Maximum funding amount of the education voucher

There is no fixed maximum funding amount for the education voucher. The amount of funding depends on various factors, including the price of the training, the duration of the course and your individual circumstances.

Job offer during continuing education

If you receive a job offer during your training, you do not necessarily have to discontinue your training. You should discuss the situation with the contact person at the employment agency or job center to find the best solution for you.

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