There is an increasing shortage of staff for the digitization of the economy. Across all industries, the number of vacancies for IT specialists rose rapidly to 96,000 in 2021. This is 12 percent more than in the previous year (source: Bitkom). Further training as a data analyst, data scientist or data engineer offers you excellent job and career prospects.

As the use of data for decision-making in companies across all industries increases, so does the need for experts who can interpret and use this data. As a data specialist, you’ll be at the intersection of technology and business applications, solving complex problems and gaining insights from big data. This not only makes the profession versatile and exciting, but also enables you to make a significant contribution to socially relevant topics. Your work can make a difference in the areas of health, environment or social affairs.

You will be part of innovations in areas such as artificial intelligence and machine learning, which will increase the importance of data experts even further in the future. According to the “The Future of Jobs Report 2020” by the World Economic Forum and the European Commission, data specialists will be among the most sought-after professional groups in the coming years.  The training in data processing also provides you with important skills such as analytical thinking, problem solving and creativity, which are also in demand in many other professions.

In terms of remuneration, you can also count on attractive offers. The high demand and lack of qualified data experts lead to above-average salaries, as confirmed by Robert Half’s 2021 salary study. With our bootcamps, you lay the foundation for your secure professional future.

Imagine making decisions based on solid, reliable data rather than mere guesswork. You understand what your customers really want and need because you can analyze and interpret their data. You’ll also increase the efficiency of your work by recognizing patterns and trends in data and optimizing workflows.

With data insights, you can help keep your business ahead of the competition. You’ll identify and resolve issues faster, minimize risk, and visualize complex data to make them understandable for your team.

Plus, acquiring data skills can give your career a significant boost. You open doors to higher positions and more attractive salaries. And last but not least, you will gain a deeper understanding of artificial intelligence and machine learning, technologies that are becoming increasingly important in many industries and jobs.

As a data specialist, you have the opportunity to be at the forefront of technological development and to play an active role in shaping it. You’ll help move your business forward while furthering your own career. So, what are you waiting for? Take the next step and expand your data analytics skills with Greenbootcamps!

In our training courses, you will learn all the basics and skills you need to start your career or gain professional qualification as a data expert. The training is a remote live training with our data experts, so that you get the learning content in direct exchange and dialogue. The bootcamps are limited to a small number of participants in order to ensure the most individual support possible.

The live training with our data experts consists of a mixture of short theory units, small quizzes and practical exercises that consolidate what has been learned, as well as programming exercises to get directly into the practical application and practice of the tools and skills. In our boot camps, you will be ideally prepared for later use in your career.

In addition to the most important skills of a data expert, you will also receive training to become an IT sustainability officer. This additional qualification with an ITIL® certificate enables you to be the contact person in the company for all questions relating to environmental protection, energy efficiency and sustainable management in IT, regardless of your regular tasks.

At the end of our funded training courses (Data Analyst, Data Scientist and Data Engineer), you can also expect a final project. After successful completion, you will receive a certificate of completion from us that certifies your participation and the knowledge and skills you have gained, as well as an external ITIL4® certificate “Sustainability in Digital and IT”.

Even without a formal university degree, it is possible to become a data analyst, data scientist or data engineer. Many companies now place more emphasis on the actual skills and knowledge of candidates than on formal qualifications, such as a degree. They value candidates who can demonstrate that they have acquired the necessary skills and worked on projects that demonstrate their skills. If you have the willingness to learn new things and immerse yourself passionately in the topics of big data, nothing stands in the way of your career.

Here are some steps you can follow to become a Data Analyst, Data Scientist, or Data Engineer:

  1. Learn the basics: The fundamentals of data analysis and data science include statistics, probability theory, and data visualization. If you don’t feel confident in this area yet, you can, for example, take part in our basic course “How to start coding”.
  2. Acquire programming skills: Python and R are the most popular programming languages in data science. You should learn at least one of them. Knowledge of SQL is also important because a lot of data is stored in relational databases. In our bootcamps you will learn Python, as well as SQL, from the basics to advanced knowledge.
  3. Learn how to analyze data: You need to learn how to collect, cleanse, analyze, and visualize data. In our bootcamps, our trainers will show you how to implement this in a very practical way in the “Databases, Models and Visualization” module.
  4. Work on hands-on projects: By working on your own projects, you can apply what you’ve learned and put your skills to the test. For example, in your final project of our bootcamps, you can find an interesting dataset and try to gain useful insights from it.

As you can see, with commitment and further training at Greenbootcamps, you will gain all the skills you need as a data specialist to be able to enter professional life directly. There are many advanced topics in data science, such as machine learning, deep learning, natural language processing, and many others. Once you’ve mastered the basics, you should try to familiarize yourself with these topics.

Yes, even if you do not live in Germany, you can take part in our training courses. The fact that our training courses take place online, among other things, means that you are flexible when it comes to the location. Since we attach great importance to the quality of the training, it takes place in live sessions with our data experts. Thus, we recommend that you participate if you are in the Greenwich time zone. If you miss a session, this is no problem. We record all live trainings so that you can easily catch up on the missed content and flexibly in terms of time.

All you need to participate is a working computer or laptop, internet access, and English proficiency at least at B1 level. Since we know that technical equipment is expensive and not easy for everyone to finance, we provide all participants in our full-time courses “Data Analyst, Data Scientist and Data Engineer” with a new Macbook Air free of charge, which we will give them as a gift after the course fee has been paid.

We offer our bootcamps only in English, as we want to offer as many people as possible from Germany, but also newcomers, refugees and people all over the world the opportunity to participate in our training courses. In addition, we have a special friendship and partnership with Nigeria, South Africa, Namibia and other African countries, whose organizations and charitable associations we provide free places through participation sponsorship. These places go to particularly committed and talented young people who have few job prospects in their countries due to political and economic grievances – we help them to offer them career prospects for the future. 

You don’t have to be a math professional to start further education at Greenbootcamps. Many skills will be taught to you within the Boocamps. However, a basic understanding and openness to mathematics are important. If you are still unsure whether your previous knowledge is sufficient for our bootcamps (Data Analyst, Data Scientist and Data Engineer), you can start with our preparation course “How to start coding”. We would also be happy to advise you without obligation and free of charge whether your previous knowledge is sufficient – book an appointment directly here.

Requirements to participate in the bootcamps

No, there is no placement or entrance test. Before you can take part in one of our bootcamps to become a Data Analyst, Data Scientist or Data Engineer, there is only a personal preliminary talk and a short interview with one of our data experts. They will work with you to find out whether our training is right for you and will also answer all your questions about the process and the course content.

We are happy to support you in this decision. You can simply book a free and no-obligation consultation with our support team. They will help you in a personal interview to find out which training best suits you and your career goals. You can book the consultation directly here.

As a rule, this is not possible because the modules from the curriculum build on each other. In individual cases, however, we can see if you can skip one or the other module, as you already have enough expertise here. However, this is only possible in an individual consultation with our data experts. You can book a non-binding and free appointment here.

No, there are no additional costs for you. We provide all access to the required tools and software free of charge. All you have to do is make sure you have stable internet access. All participants of our full-time bootcamps “Data Analyst, Data Scientist and Data Engineer” are provided with a free Macbook Air, which they can keep after the course fee has been paid 100% after the bootcamp.

Book your bootcamp now. We give you a free Macbook for it. With an education voucher, you will get 100% of the costs refunded.